What is Golfplus Token

1. Golfplus Token is a virtual format of money which can be used to redeem against simulator hire, golf lessons, purchase from Golfplus shop, and purchase of beverages and food from the bar. You can check your token balance using your Golfplus personal account at Golfplus website, or by asking our friendly Golfplus’s employees.

Why Use the Tokens?

2. We strongly recommend our customers to use our token instead of any other payment. Each time you spend/ redeem or purchase 1 token, you receive 1 reward point. For example, when you purchase 6 tokens with $60, you receive 6 reward points. When you use the same 6 tokens (that you have just purchased) and redeem them for an hour golf game, you receive an additional 6 reward points.

3. You will not receive any reward points for any free tokens received from our Golfplus tokens package (see Clause 10) or from tokens received from another player by way of transfer. For example, if your friend transfers 10 tokens to your Golfplus personal account, you will not receive reward points for the 10 tokens transferred to you by your friend.

4. When your reward points reach a certain number, your membership level will be upgraded automatically. You can receive attractive discounts from Golfplus based on your level of membership. See below for information on membership level and the discount applicable to your membership:

Reward Points Achieved Membership Level Discount Entitled To
0-149 Basic No discount
150-249 Silver 5%
250-499 Gold 10%
500 onwards Bliack 20%

5. The discount referred to Clause 4 above is available for simulator hire, golf lessons, purchase from Golfplus shop, and purchase of beverages and food from the bar only. Members are not entitled to discount when purchasing of Golfplus tokens.

Golfplus Membership Registration

6. You will be required to set up a Golfplus membership account when you purchase your tokens for the first time.

Place to Purchase Tokens

7. Golfplus Tokens can be purchased from the reservation counter at Golfplus premises or by way of recharge by logging into your Golfplus personal account at Golfplus website.

Non Refundable

8. Golfplus Tokens are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash and no change is given when redeemed.


9. Your Golfplus Tokens can be transferred to another Golfplus member. This can be done by online transfer or submitting a physical token transfer form to our Golfplus employees. For further information on how this can be done, please contact our friendly Golfplus employees.

Rates of Token

10. The rates of the Golfplus Tokens are set out below:

Purchase Price AUD$ Number of Tokens Purchased Additional Free Tokens Received
$10 1 0
$200 20 1
$500 50 5
$1000 100 15

Please note that members are not entitled to receive any reward points for the additional free tokens received. For example, if you pay $1000 to purchase tokens, you receive 100 reward points and 115 tokens.


11. Prices for simulator Hire and Golf Lessons are set out below:

Method of Payment

12. Payment can be made by Visa, by MasterCard, by Debit Card, or by cash at the Golfplus counter.

Updated Contact Details by Members

13. All Golfplus members must ensure that contact information (i.e. current email address) is valid and current by contacting Golfplus employees.

14. Access to exclusive promotional deals, special offers and any additional benefits of Golfplus members that may be periodically introduced will be sent to you via email.

Secure Your Password

15. Always keep your Golfplus personal account’s password safe and secure.

16. Remember to check your Tokens and Reward Points balance on a regular basis. Any dispute on balance of tokens or reward points must be raised to the Golfplus employees within 4 weeks of the transaction.

Variation of Rates & Terms

17. Golfplus reserves the right to add to, change or remove Golfplus’s terms and conditions, including increase or decrease the price of token, simulator hire, lessons and club rental, and other services at any time.

18. Golfplus cannot be held responsible for any service or equipment not being available for whatever reason. Golfplus reserves the right to make alterations to the type of facilities provided, without notice and in its absolute discretion and Golfplus shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations except in so far as such loss if by law incapable of exclusion.